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Download the d2h Smart Remote App and enjoy a host of smart features.

Process for installing the Dongle

Convert your smart phone into a remote

Connect your smart phone with the STB through bluetooth and enjoy seamless audio streaming. Also share your smart phone’s videos with the STB for playback after transferring it first to the storage device.

Change your Channels using the smart phone

Advanced EPG on the app (Quick Zap), which allows the user to touch and select the channel without scrolling through each channel individually

Phone Notifications on your TV screen

Get notifications from your smart phone like Facebook updates, missed call alerts, new messages, etc on your TV through the STB connected with the smart dongle
  • Personal Viewing Experience

  • Mobile as Remote Control

  • Mobile Notifications on TV Screen

  • Locate your Phones

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App Available on Android 4.3 and above
How to check Android version click here
To Book accessory from d2h
In case, the customer wishes to use recording feature along with the smart remote app, he can buy any of the two below recommended Hubs from the market:
  1. iball 4 Port Piano 44
  2. Quantum 4 Port USB Hub with Switch and LED Indicator