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d2h Smart Remote App

How does d2h Smart Remote communicate with a d2h Set Top Box?

d2h Smart Remote App communicates with your d2h Set Top Box through Bluetooth. Bluetooth Connectivity is enabled through the d2h Smart Bluetooth dongle and once it is connected, the d2h STB behaves as a regular Bluetooth device.

My d2h Set Top Box has only one USB port. How can I connect a USB drive for recording features if I connect the Bluetooth Dongle?

You can connect a Hub to the USB port of your d2h STB. As the Hub will provide more than one USB port, you will be able to connect both the Bluetooth Dongle and a USB storage for recordings.

Do you have any recommendations for the USB Hub, regarding the make, model, etc.?

You can buy any of the two below recommended Hubs:

a. iball 4 Port Piano 44

b. Quantum 4 Port USB Hub with Switch and LED Indicator

How do I identify my d2h Set Top Box from the list of d2h STBs available in the Bluetooth range (or in the case of Wi-Fi, those connected to the same access point as that of my mobile)?

When you select Bluetooth as the mode of connectivity a list of d2h STBs available in the range of your mobile is displayed. The name of a d2h STBs is nothing but its CSSN number prefixed by "d2hSTB@" so, if your d2h STB's CSSN number is 0054117333 then the name is d2hSTB@0054117333. You can find the CSSN number by pressing MENU on your d2h STB remote and then selecting SETUP > Loader Status.

How do I get the Program Guide for a channel in d2h Smart Remote?

In the Quick Zap mode, select a channel genre from the Genre Dial (dial with Movies, News, Music, etc genres). Now, touch and hold a channel logo to browse its Program Guide. Note: to get into the Quick Zap mode, select the MORE mode by tapping above the dial in the default screen of d2h Smart Remote, and then select Quick Zap.