Experience the world of religion spiritual & devotional entertainment.

d2h’s Ayushmaan Active package brings you Bhakti Bhav – a capsule of devotional songs for you to connect with your spirituality and embrace your beliefs.

Re-affirm your beliefs with d2h.


d2h brings you world-class entertainment.

Witness great stories, movies that’ll make you reminisce the golden age!! Re-watch your favorite movies from the 60s, 70s and the 80s with Sunday Talkies. Tune into Sada Bahar Geet and enjoy the music of an era that remains memorable to this day.

Take a trip down the memory lane with d2h.


There’s no denying that a growing age brings forth various mental and physical changes and it is important to keep up and ensure our health.

Ayushmman Active introduces Aap Ka Saathi – an interactive series that focuses on promoting a healthy mental, physical and spiritual health.

Empower your life.


Life after 60 is a new chapter all together and we are here for you. As you get to the milestone age, it’s important to keep your spirits up and high.

Ayushmaan Active brings you 60 Plus / Kick start 60 – an innovative programme focusing on financial management, technology, safety for senior citizens and more.

Witness the evolution.


With a growing age you learn more about life and experience different situations.

Life after 60 can be full of good and positive experiences. Witness such amazing stories in Majani Life – a light hearted series that shows you the life after 60 with a fresh and positive perspective. Set new milestones, reach for a new goal, and experience the slice of life.

Live a Majani Life with d2h.

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