Digitization : The way ahead for Indian Television

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Govt. of India has passed an ordinance mandating the digitization of Cable Services. What does this mean?

An ordinance has been passed by the Govt. of India on the mandatory digitization of the Cable Services. According to this amendment made in the section 9 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Ordinance, 1995, the I&B ministry will make Digital Addressable System mandatory. This measure will empower consumers to an increased number of channels and high quality viewing. The concept of a prime band will be passé after introduction of digitization. Viewers will be able to access digital services only through a set top box (STB).

Phases of Digitization

Phase I : Mumbai & Delhi completely digitized as per the deadline of 31st October, 2012.Digitization is still in process for Kolkata & Chennai.

Phase II : 38 cities were completely digitized as per the deadline of 31st March, 2013.

Phase III : All the urban areas (see below) were digitized by 31st December 2015

Cable TV Digitisation
List of Urban areas under Phase III of digitisation
(as per Census 2011 data)
States/ UTs No. of Districts No. of Urban Areas
Andhra Pradesh13111
Arunachal Pradesh1828
Himachal Pradesh1053
Jammu & Kashmir2183
Madhya Pradesh50370
Tamil Nadu311095
Uttar Pradesh75908
Uttara Khand13131
West Bengal18858
Delhi Covered in Phase I
Andaman & Nicobar11
Chandigarh Covered in Phase I
Dadar and Nagar Haveli16
Daman & Diu28
List of Urban areas in Phase III of Cable TV Digitisation
List of Urban areas in Phase III of Cable TV Digitisation
Click here to view the list of towns in phase 3 of digitization

Phase IV : Complete India on 31st December 2016

Every Household in India must have a Digital Set Top Box post these deadlines to be able to watch Satellite TV.

The process of Digitization will definitely benefit the television viewers in India. Digitization will lead TV viewers to more qualitative viewing with access to digital picture and High Definition Digital (HDD) Sound Quality. The real advantage for TV viewers will be when they opt for a dth Service provider like d2h.

TV viewing services in India is currently provided mainly by three mediums analog Cable Services, Digital Cable Services and Digital dth Services. Analog cable services have been existing in India for more than two decades in India, however, analog cable services have limited number of channels and do not have extra features and value added services. Digital dth services in India have been started less than a decade back and are gaining popularity and acceptance in India mainly because of their superior picture and sound quality.

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