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DTH Services: Some Key Reasons to Buy

d2h DTH Services: Some Key Reasons to Buy

DTH services in India have grown at a rate of knots. Increasing consumer preference towards DTH service over the traditional cable TV has made sure that service providers ensure continuous innovations and added features with their products. d2h has been one such company that has come up some fantastic add on features with its DTH services. Here is a list of some important reasons that has prompted consumers to opt for d2h over other DTH services.

650 Channels and Services : The DTH technology offered by the company is highly cost effective. The packages on offer have been designed keeping consumer taste, choice and preference in mind. This helps users to pay only for what they watch. The company has designed different combinations of channel packages to ensure that users get to watch a complete segment of channels under one package depending upon individual requirement.

Customer Service : DTH technology in India is still in its early years. Hence, it is very important that DTH service providers be upbeat with their customer service. d2h offers multi lingual call centers across 3 zones and 9 regional languages along with 3 toll free numbers. The company also owns more than 100 service centers all across India for a better customer response activity.

Parental Control : This is one of the main social responsibility factor involved. The feature allows the parents to block the feature or channels, they feel are not suited for children viewing.

Universal Remote : This remote involves dual functionality feature that allows the users to use a single remote for TV as well as the set top box, hence eradicating the hassle of using two separate remotes for a single purpose. .

Planet M Music Space : A very ideal add on for music lovers. The viewers can now listen to their favourite music on the active music platform of d2h powered by Planet M.

Reminder : This special feature of DTH service allows the viewers to set upto 50 key reminders for their favourite programmes. This makes sure that users no longer miss out on watching their favourite TV programmes.

Info Bar : The unique info bar comes with key features like progress bar, program title, channel number, start – end time and weather information.

DTH service providers these days come across strong competition from their market rivals. This has ensured that the benefit of the competition be transfered to the end users in form of discounted pricing and added benefits.