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Set-top box: The television modem!

Set top box(es), as many of you might be knowing, is one device that is connected to television. The device serves as a connecting link between television and satellite. Thereafter, the set-top box translates signal received via satellite and convert it into television content.
To make it a more simpler concept to understand – it acts as a television modem that guarantees seamless transfer and conversion of link into television content.

Certainly, everyone knows very well that a set top box is a complementary accessory that is part of every satellite tv package.
Interestingly, today, everyone is going ga-ga behind satellite tv. In process, demand for set-top box(es) too have surged steeply. However, it all started few years back.

It won't be entirely incorrect to state that discovery of set-top box laid the foundation of present-day satellite tv channel services. Upon its emergence, it threatened to end almost twenty year old monopoly of cable operators. The resentment from cable operators soon followed. However, by that time it became clear that set-top boxes will be an integral part of future in-house entertainment package. Unfortunately, the innovation received a lukewarm response.
But soon satellite tv service providers followed and everything changed.

The Journey
Satellite cable tv's arrival revived the dying set-top box concept. So finally, the future was here. Thanks to aggressive promotional campaigns, the concept managed to penetrate into metropolitan customer-base and tasted the much-needed success.
Set-top boxes too had their share of success as they featured as prominent part of the package of services offered.

Satellite TV cable services: Today!
Frankly speaking, disappointing service standard of cable operators is inciting people to switch to satellite tv along with set-top box. This automatically means the future looks quite bright for it.