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The Direct-to-Home (DTH) service is a television reception service of the satellite programs that come with personal dish at every individual home. That is every house should have a separate dish to have a DTH service. The DTH service  does away with the local cable operator and you can have direct touch with the broadcaster.  It is now possible for the remotest areas to have a DTH service in their homes and there is no need for an intermediate cable operator with wires. A user can nearly have 700 channels to view in his home with the DTH service. The DTH services offer better picture quality as compared to the local cable operators. You can have 12 pip mosaics, 1080i HD Quality picture, HDD sound and many more features only with DTH service like d2h. One can also have interactive TV services like the PPV Movies, active music channels and many more added services on d2h. There are many companies that provide DTH services but one of the best and rising of the lot is d2h.

d2h brings you more choice and flexibility to choose your channels according to your taste. Apart from the genre-based packages that look-out for your convenience, you can now have individual channels and have a special pack only for you . offers many packages that come with various choices or you can make your own pack through A La Carte. There are as many as 400+ channels with d2h which cover most of the regional language channels.  d2h also offers long duration packs so that you can save more or opt for semi-annual and annual versions and avail for huge discounts. There are also Bi-Annual recharge packs and the newly launched Five Year Recharge. All these payments can be made online on as well on d2h.

You can subscribe to any one and get fully entertained. You can pay for what you watch and get the right channels. The d2h price is affordable and you can also pay for 12 months and get 2 month of viewing free of charge. Or you can pay for 6 months and get 21 days of entertainment free. DTH Online  services by d2h also provides with viewing channel while you play games, watch movies by paying per movies, or you can also listen to your favorite songs on the active music platform .

All these and more from a single dth service provider. d2h has been considered to be one of the Best DTH services in India for the rich HD content which it provides and also for being the only hd dth service in India to have 3d feed on its dth platform.