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With the Indian Economy booming at a GDP growth rate above 9% there is a sense of growth prevailing everywhere. The disposable income has been risen to never before levels. The Indian Entertainment & Media industry is also not far behind. Terms which were aliens to Indians like DTH, Digital Cable, Set Top Box, HD DTH are suddenly finding presence in the country's journal.

In earlier days there was only one TV channel in India, ""Doordarshan"" which was owned and operated by Government OF India. In that era every home which had a TV set used to have its own antenna to capture the signals. The cable television ordinance law was passed in Jan 1995 which created a big industry and market opportunities. However the service provided by cable operators was poor. The strikes, increase in tariff plan, selective broadcast and poor services were major cause of dissatisfaction among the customers. This has created an opportunity for DTH services, which serves an immediate threat to the high end cable networks. DTH services were introduced in India in the early 2000s with DD Direct Plus followed by other players.

Advantages of DTH over Cable

If one compares the advantage that DTH has over cable networks then the top position goes to quality. The clarity of channels that one gets in DTH is nowhere in comparison to the cable operators. Another advantage of the DTH services is that one would be able to subscribe only to those channel that one likes to watch. In addition many DTH services in India provide HD channels, interactive services, etc. which are very useful to the customer.

Another important factor that supports DTH services in India is the reduced amount of service breakdowns. With DTH services, signal reception would be clear and without breakdown. Even a power cut off at the television operator's location would affect the service and the customer would not be able to view any channels.

Other premium services like Movies on request are available with DTH services through which customers can even subscribe for movies they like. This feature offers movies for a very limited price that would work out to be much cheaper than watching the same movie in a cinema hall.