What is "MDU

The Government of India has passed the bill for Mandatory Digitization. According to this bill Digitization is Mandatory in the country according to the following timeline

  1. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai by 31st October 2012
  2. City with more than 1 mn population by 31st march 2013
  3. All urban areas by 30th Sept 2014
  4. Entire Country by 31st Dec 2014

An Ordinance has been passed by the Govt. of India on the mandatory digitization of the Cable Services. According to this amendment made in the section 9 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Ordinance, 1995, the I&B ministry will make Digital Addressable System mandatory. Each and every household in the Metros will have to move from analog cable. TV viewers in India would definitely go for a DTH Connection as it has more features. However a DTH Connection comes with a Reflector commonly known as a dish. Every member in the Society having a DTH connection would mean multiple Reflectors on the terrace or in the premises. This spoils the look of the society.

The Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) is a customized solution for connecting multiple houses within the same multi storied building with a single Antenna/Reflector to receive Direct-to-Home services . MDU is a centralized network consisting of multi switches and amplifiers for distributing the signal received by one or two Dish antennas. The Dish Antenna captures the signals and transmits them through multi switches on to the individual STBs in the subscriber's flat. The setup is customized depending on the number of connections and the connectivity structure of the building.

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The building has to give the following documents
a . No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Society Clearly mentioning ODU Installation, Vertical Piping / Wiring, Drilling for vertical / horizontal cabling.
b. One Time Cheque from the Society / residents for the Set Top Box (STB) and Subscription Amount (if applicable).
c. The list of Society Members (if applicable)
d. Building design indicating Shaft / Junction location.
Minimum of 70% members of the society should opt for a d2h connection to avail MDU Connection.
The building / society does not have to pay anything for the infrastructure the cost will be borne by d2h provided more than 70% society member takes d2h Connection.
However Electricity Power Supply to Amplifier post installation for running of the equipments will be provided by the Society. This Power supply should be uninterrupted. If there will be any power supply failure to amplifier than all the connections will stop. 16 KHz (16 Units) will be consumed in a month by Power Supply Amplifier.
No, a Member can opt for any Set Top Box. The choice is completely of the Member. He may choose a Digital Set Top Box
(Standard Definition) or a HD Digital Set Top Box or Satellite HD Digital Video Recorder
If 70 % of society members are willing to take the MDU connection then certain discount can be given. For discounts please speak to local MDU company representative.
The member can opt for any pack available on d2h Platform. Pack may be New Gold / New Gold Sports / New Diamond / Platinum / Platinum HD for Rest of India. Member can choose South Silver / South Silver Sports / New South Gold / New South Gold Sports / New Diamond / South Platinum / South Platinum HD for South India.
Monthly Subscription will vary as per the package selected by the member.
Common Antenna or Single Antenna is a customized solution for connecting multiple houses within the same multi storied building with a single Antenna to receive Direct-to-Home services. Households do not need to install individual antennas, as their individual set-top boxes will be linked to a large common antenna installed on the terrace of the multi storied building which is connected to TV sets in multiple homes in the building through a DTH cable
The size of individual DTH connection antenna is 60 cm; Common antennas come in size, 90 cm. This service is applicable to high rise buildings and corporate.
A single antenna keeps the terrace beautiful and Clutter free thus helping in maintaining the surroundings. Several antennas would mean several wires, which in effect leads to a lot of disorder. A single antenna would enable you to receive stronger signals which will mean greater clarity while viewing.
d2h is the fastest growing DTH brand today with 650 Channels and services. It offers 61 Asli "HD" channels to its customers.

d2h offers Common Antenna services and has been a front runner in the same. d2h Common Antenna service offers advantages like Clutter Free Terrace, Good Signal Strength and Normal Rain Proof.

Extensive Customer Service Network: d2h has set up customer call centers in Pune, Dehradun, Noida, Bangalore and many more to cater to customer queries in ten different languages. In addition to all popular television channels, d2h platform offers many new features and exciting interactive services, thus becoming a one-stop shop for all the television entertainment needs of customers.

The strength that d2h service offers makes it a natural choice for the subscribers.
You can email us at the following email ids for:
North & East India – sanjay.mendiratta@dishd2h.com
South & West India - vivek.arora@dishd2h.com
The Installation of MDU Reflector / vertical wiring is free of Cost for society if more than or equal to 70 % of the society member agree to get a d2h MDU connection.
If you Recharge for Long Term (1 Year, 2 Year or more) then increase in package price will not affect your Recharge Due date. Once your d2h subscription expires, only then revised prices will be effective as per your package.
If the price of the package reduces then the viewing period will be extended meaning you get the reduced price for the remaining viewing period.
Any d2h Customer can temporarily suspend his account once in a calendar year from 7 to 15 days for a nominal charge of Rs 20. That means if you are going on a long holiday then you can suspend your account from 7 to 15 days by calling d2h Call Center. Once you come back from long holiday then you can again restart your connection by calling d2h Call Center.

During Temporary Suspension period, the daily subscription will not be charged to the Customer and only Rs 20 will be deducted from his account as Once in a year holiday subscription.
d2h connection is normal rain proof. The loss of Signal will be minimal with MDU Connection as MDU Connection has bigger Size of Antenna which helps to provide additional Rain margin.
The amplifier consumes minimal Electricity (around 16 Units in a month). The charges for the same will be Rs 80 per month for the Building (assuming Rs 5 per Unit as electricity Charges)
Maintenance cost of the MDU equipments (vertical back bone) and Reflector will be borne by d2h. Visits and Audits will be conducted by d2h engineers to check & rectify the equipments/ Reflector.

However if there is any damage to the Equipments / Reflector, the cost will be recovered from the Society.

All other Charges will be applicable, as per life time warranty mentioned on the website of d2h.
If you need assistance with your d2h system, please contact the local MDU officer or kindly call us at on our Customer Care Number - 91156 91156. You can also write to us at info@d2h.com. / customercare@d2h.com
In case of Relocation, Standard Relocation Charges will be applicable & full cable length will be chargeable at standard cable price.

If customer shifts from MDU building to MDU Building, there will not be any requirement of ODU, however in case of customer shifting from MDU Building to Non MDU/SDU Building, ODU Kit (Including Reflector, Accessories & LNBF) will be given on Free of Cost basis & Full Cable length will be chargeable at standard cable price.
In Case the building goes into redevelopment then the member can continue with the d2h connection at new premise after paying the above mentioned relocation charges
After redevelopment the Members can continue with the MDU connection. Installation and Wiring charges of Rs 250 per Connection will be charged. No Extra cost will be charged for the Reflector or Amplifier.