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What are the advantages of DTH over cable Television?

DTH provides digital High quality picture & stereo sound compared to normal cable television which provides only analog signals & mono sound.You only pay for what you want to watch unlike cable television where you pay for all the channels including the ones you don’t watch.

What are the special features of d2h

Our engineers are trained in both Technical & Soft skills by our highly professional group of trainers. We give an international experience not just an installation. You can schedule installation as per your convenience. Schedules may vary depending on your location / service area.

Can I connect my STB to a LCD PROJECTOR?

Yes, you can get Cinematic experience on a large screen.

How do I get my d2h service activated?

The service is activated in around 2 - 4 hours after installation. The d2h Customer Support team performs the activation as soon as they receive a completed Customer Application form. Activation may be even faster provided all requirements are met. Please feel free to use our Customer care numbers: 91156 91156 for any queries.

I live in a multi-block society. May I apply for the d2h services too?

Yes, however, your home will have to be visited and surveyed by the installation team and our sales team prior to installation of the d2h service. Different buildings have different solutions. Also, you may have to coordinate with your society to get permission to install a dish antenna.

How do I check different Program Schedules?

The d2h system has an electronic programme guide (EPG) which provides information on the current and upcoming programs for all channels, 24 hours a day and updated at regular intervals.