How many TV sets may I connect to the dish?

You may have as many as four (4) TV sets connected to the dish. However, if you wish to do this, you will have to advise the dealer in advance so you may be given the dish & special LNB configured for such service. Also, you will have to purchase additional STBs for your additional televisions.

What do I do if I am not going to use the Digital Set Top Box (STB) for a long time?

Yes It is advisable to switch off the STB when not in use. Moreover if you are not to use the STB for long period, unplug the STB & remove batteries from the remote.

How to use the Tickers service ?

Now find out what is happening around the world from the comfort of your couch. Tickers provides minute by minute updates of the latest on Stock Market, Cricket, Bollywood, Business and much more. - Press the Menu key on the Remote. - Use the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows to go to Tickers. - Press ‘OK’ to confirm. - Choose the desired Tickers. - Go to Settings to change the speed (slow/medium/fast) and mode (character/line/scrolling) of the tickers.

How to use the 12 PIP Mosaic ?

Just at the press of a Key, Mosaic offers you a mix of different genres. It provides thumbnail various channels with audio of highlighted channel.Press the ‘Mosaic’ Key on the Remote, to get an assortment of different genres along with thumbnail videos of Entertainment, Kids, Movies & much more.

How to hide/unhide channels?

You can control channel viewing by setting an access code - Go to the Main Menu.

- Go to Setup.

- Select Installation.

- Enter your default code (1234) (For first time users)

- Select user settings and then locking.

- Select channel visibility.

- Press the ‘Green’ button shown on the Remote once to make it invisible and twice to lock the channel.

- Press ‘OK’ to confirm.

- To Unlock the Channel, repeat the same procedure.

How to create Favourite List?


- From the original channel list, select the desired channel to be added and press the ‘Green’ key on the Remote.

- The selected channel will be added in your favourite list.

- Press ‘Exit’ and confirm your selection.


- Press the ‘Blue’ Key on the Remote to sort your favourite list.

- Press ‘Green’ or ‘Yellow’ Key to move the channels ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ respectively.