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Harvesting best offers this Onam

Onam festival is the celebration of the traditions and culture of Kerala. The ‘harvest festival’ is enjoyed all over the nation in full swing. To complement a happening festival like Onam, you surely need something full of entertainment. 
Onam officially marks the end of the monsoon and welcomes the harvest season. The 10 day long lavish festival brings infinity joy and togetherness through this vibrant festival.  
Reeling back in the history
Back in the Sangam period, Kerala was under the rule of King Mahabali who was famous for his generosity. The ever-increasing popularity of the king made other gods feel jealous. The gods came together and visited Lord Vishnu with their concerns. 
Lord Vishnu disguised himself as a poor brahmin as he arrived at Mahabali’s kingdom and asked for land which could be covered within three feet. The generosity and kind-hearted nature of Mahabali intrigued Lord Vishnu. Hence, Lord Vishnu granted him a boon to annually visit his people that led to the celebration of Onam in India.  
Uniting India this Onam
The homecoming of King Mahabali and is celebrated over 10 days. The 10 days of celebration is wrapped with different events held including folk dances, traditional meals, snake boat races, and a lot more.
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