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d2h Double Dhamaka offers and its perks

d2h Double Dhamaka offers and its perk

d2h, with its increasing user base, has become the fastest-growing dth brand in India. It has updated many new features that makes watching TV more interesting and gives cinematic experience at the comfort of your own home. Now it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Google Assistant. It displays content in 3K quad HD resolution and allows customers to record their favorite shows as well. All new d2h provides various offers to its subscribers that can be purchased as per their own convenience. In this article we will understand the d2h offers and the benefits.

Let us see how d2h Double Dhamaka benefits us when we subscribe!


Exclusive Long-Term Recharge Offers

 d2h has introduced three new long-term recharge offers for its consumers which is the biggest perk of d2h double dhamaka offer. Understand it better what it means!

  1. Three Month Subscription- 

Any d2h users who subscribe for a three-month subscription will receive an additional 14 days of additional service. Previously, d2h offered 15 days of free service when you subscribe for a six-month long-term subscription.

  1.  Six Months Subscription-

Additionally, d2h users will receive an additional 30 day subscription when they purchase a six-month long-term subscription.

  1. Ten Month Subscription-

 The 10-month subscription package will be the most cost-effective option for customers. d2h users who subscribe for a 10-month long-term subscription will receive 60 days or two months of free service. Not only that, but as part of the advantages, d2h will also provide a free set-top box swap as well. It is worth mentioning that d2h is the only dth provider offering five free months of service (or 150 days) as part of the 44-month subscription package.

The latest offers by d2H are provided to long-term subscribers under the double dhamaka pack.

Visit the official d2H website and subscribe to your favorite double dhamaka pack to enjoy multiple benefits. d2h bringing a different TV viewing experience altogether and giving you uninterrupted dose of entertainment for its customers.