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Get access to best devotional channels with d2h value combo pack

Get access to best devotional channels with d2h value combo pack

The Indian subcontinent is home to many religions and spiritualism like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc. The country is even the birthplace of Hinduism, regarded as the 3rd largest religion globally with well over a billion believers and followers. These millions of devotees have wished to either worship at the places scattered all over the country or tune in to religious programs on their TV channels. However, now all these devotees of the various religions in India cannot worship at the magnificent religious centres due to the pandemic and widespread of the virus. Many of them connect with their religious gurus on spiritual channels and through TV.

Over the last two decades, India’s devotional TV industry has boomed and rapidly evolved. d2H, as the leading dth service provider, decided to provide a wide range of devotional channels to spark up and ignite the inner spirituality of people. Among all dth service providers, it has provided the highest number of devotional channels in its d2h value combo pack BST Religious.

Devotional channels offer their audience a wide range of services like temple tourism and access to japs, mantras, kathas, popular bhajans, and holy books.

Top 2 devotional channels which are part of d2h combo pack-

Aastha TV and Sanskar TV were the first to start full-fledged channels telecasting shows on spirituality 24×7, and d2h as leading dth provider included it at the beginning of its journey these two channels in its d2h combo pack.

Aastha TV

Its broadcast menu includes spiritual discourses, religious events, devotional music, and meditation techniques.

Sanskar TV

It telecasts Indian philosophy, spiritual solidarity, religion, and Indian culture shows.

Later, d2h also introduced a channel named Bhakti Active to cover all spiritual, mythological, and devotional stories and for listening to live mantras, Chalisa, and bhajans.

It covers and includes other top devotional channels like – Satsang TV, Peace of Mind, Sri Sankara TV, V, Goodness, Aastha, Aastha Bhajan Aradana TV, Madha TV, Power Vision Tv, Hindu Dharmam, and the list continues.

Get access to all the best and top devotional channels with d2h BST Religious pack. d2H is the unmatched winner as far as Devotional Channels are concerned!

So, feel free to tune into their website and get access to the best devotional channels available in India and your region!