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According to the IAMAI report, the total number of Internet users in India has crossed the 100 million mark in November 2011, which embarks the digitization wave in the country. Another feather in the cap to this achievement is the acceptance of the recommendations of TRAI for implementation of digital addressable cable television systems in India by the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) ministry.

With Digitization, the ultimate beneficiary will be the customer who will get an enhanced television viewing experience. Leading DTH players like d2h, Tata Sky, Dish TV and Airtel would also be largely benefited by this as the analog Cable TV subscribers are likely to switch to any of these BIG DTH players which will in turn help significantly in increasing the ARPU (Average Revenue per User). The Broadcasters also will be able to get the accurate number of their subscribers through this digitization, which is not possible with an analog cable thereby increasing their subscription revenue.

The Bill seeks to digitize the analog cable sector in the country by 31st Dec, 2014. The plan is to digitize the cable television in the 4 metros by June 30, 2012. After this, the target will be cities with a population above 10 lakh and finally the rest of India. Experts believe that this digitization process will require investment to the tune of Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 50,000 crore.

Now since the bill is passed, DTH players are not leaving any stone unturned to attract consumers to switch from analog cable to digital DTH Services. DTH players like d2h, Tata Sky and Dish TV are also focusing to digitize the whole building instead of single apartments which are called Multi Dwelling Units (MDU). The benefits of d2h’s MDUs are clutter free terrace, systematic wiring, no line of sight issue, one single antenna and the cost.

DTH in India today is a family of more than 30 million members. DTH services in India have managed to reach out to each and every nook and corner of the country. From the houses in rural India to the sky scrapers in Mumbai there is a dish popping out from the roof or the window. There are six privately held DTH service providers in India. Out of the Six DTH service providers in India d2h is the fastest growing dth service.

d2h managed to double its subscriber base in less than 8 months. d2h is also considered to be the most affordable HD DTH service in India with packages starting from Rs 159/-. Apart from the affordability it also has about 400+ channels and services on its DTH platform. d2h is also very strong on the regional content having the most number of regional channels and services.

d2h also has one special feature on its platform which no other DTH service provider in India has i.e. 3D content. d2h is the only DTH service provider in India to with 3 dimensional content. d2h is also ahead of its competitors when it comes to HD channels. d2h has