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Satellite TV: The new face of in-house entertainment

DTH (also known as Direct to Home) is the new face of in-house entertainment. The ground-breaking technology that has taken the entire market by storm, involves transmitting signals directly to the television sets of viewers sitting in home. Viewed as a potential threat to the existing cable television distribution services network base spread across the country, direct-to-home (better known as satellite tv) has definitely cut cable operators to their size.

Of course, in this modern-day digital age, introduction of satellite tv has been nothing short of a welcome surprise. After all, its inception has redefined the parameters of home entertainment once again. Now people can savor better quality visual and audio signals sitting at their home.

But the best part of story is yet to come.
Thanks to evolution of satellite cable tv, cable operators' monopoly has come to an abrupt end. Obviously, the cable operators' fraternity is irritated since it is a direct attack on their revenue sources. Of course, the possibility of cut-throat competition is there in reckoning between the two warring factions (cable operators and DTH service providers). This automatically means that customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries at the end of it.

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Meanwhile, knowing DTH is the upcoming face of home entertainment, leading industrial players have decided to make it count for themselves. Their debut in this trade is indicative of the fact that this trade is full of endless possibilities.

Currently, cable operators are quickly losing their dissatisfied customers to DTH service providers in urban areas. However, on the other hand, DTH providers have failed miserably to make early inroads in semi-urban and rural areas. Reason: They are yet to find any acceptance there. Since the target audience living in these areas find cable operators much reliable and approachable compared to DTH service providers.

Another thing that is going against DTH service providers is their difficult-to-understand tariffs. The demarcation between FTA (Free to Air) channels and paid channels is still not clear to many customers. In addition to that, the price of subscribing paid channels is actually turning out to be quite an expensive deal. Clearly, this is one area where they have to work hard.

Quite rightly, satellite tv is the face of in-house entertainment but there is still a long way to go.