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Analyzing the growth of Satellite TV in India!

Defining Satellite TV

Satellite TV is the satellite broadcast of television content via communications satellite. The signal is relayed through satellite and is received on earth by a satellite dish. Later, the same signal is converted into audio-video content by set-top box .
Through satellite Box TV, people can watch wide range of entertainment channels which is not possible through cable transmission.

Need of Satellite TV in India

Nearly two decades after private and foreign bodies got the nod to start their cable operations in India; the standard of entertainment quality stays very much the same. Customers still feel cheated, thanks to disappointing customer-care services and poor cable signals. Satellite cable TV is much-needed change that this industry requires. Its arrival on domestic scene has certainly restored the long lost-confidence of customers to large extent.

Living up to the PROMISE

The audience base is quickly changing and so is their tastes and preferences. In the era of Internet, people are looking to replace their television sets with a laptop or desktop enabled with high-speed Internet connection. Reason: The promise of quality services. Satellite cable TV services providers too have done the same thing. They intend to cater to customers who prefer high-quality entertainment above all. And initial success for satellite tv indicates that providers are living up to this promise of theirs.

Quality: The judging parameter!

Quality is directly proportional to success. Satellite tv service providers have realized this simple logic. So, they are trying to draw people on account of the high-definition audio-video quality and disturbance-free signal relaying. Interestingly, till now, they have been successful in doing so. Call it smart marketing or capitalizing on the need of the hour, people are being made to believe into the phrase – seeing believes. Future prospects

Future prospects

Future looks quite bright for satellite TV in India. Considering the fact that war is on between cable operators and satellite cable tv service providers, it is the customers who stand to benefit the most from it. Interestingly, majority of population in metropolitan cities is already switching over to this option. Of course, this development can be quite disheartening for cable operators who are resorting to every trick in the book to retain their monopoly