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High Definition

High Definition is the future of television viewing. It is going to make television viewing an even better experience. High Definition is unchartered territory in Indian television history and which will take television viewing to the next level. Today d2h offers 12 Asli ""HD"" DTH Channels, the highest in the market. d2h was the first to launch high definition digital video recorder with 3 D and has set a precedent difficult to match. It has set a new benchmark by raising the standards.

The features like 1080i, 5x digital clarity, High Definition Digital Sound and Wide Aspect Ratio make HD viewing a pleasurable experience. Like for example with full HD 1080i viewing, the viewer gets a blend of superior picture quality and sound quality, it gives a stunningly detailed video and world class sound quality. The 5x digital picture quality is a marvel of modern technology that gives images up to 5 times sharper than the ordinary. High Definition Digital Sound surrounds oneself with crystal–clear, HDD sound of the box; with this feature the faintest whisper will not escape one's ears. The wide aspect ratio gives a viewing experience of theatre at home. One gets bigger, better and wider picture with a 16:9 Aspect ratio of the HD Digital Set Top Box . We also have the 3–D Active channel on our platform which bridges the gap between the 3D broadcast and 3D television. One can watch exclusive 3-D content on a 3D television.

For sports lovers we serve a complete feast. We have the highest number of sports channels available on any digital platform and also the maximum sports on HD platform. We have ESPN HD exclusively available on d2h, giving viewers an unmatched experience for a sports fan to an even higher level.

We are certain that with such wonderful features would help us further stamp our authority in the market as we have done in the last few months, during which, we have led the way in terms of subscribers and are the fastest growing d2h company in the country today. We are looking to end the year on an even stronger note by adding more subscribers in the coming months through various offerings and packages we have and take service levels to an even higher level.