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Network Capacity Fee (NCF)

What is Network Capacity Fee (NCF)

Network capacity fee (NCF) means the amount (excluding taxes), payable by a subscriber to THE COMPANY for distribution network capacity subscribed by that subscriber to receive signals of subscribed television channels and It does not include subscription fee for pay channel or bouquet of pay channels, as the case may be.

Each “d2h” subscriber shall pay Rs. 130 (taxes extra) as NCF for first 100 SD Channels including FTA and paid channels. However, for paid channels, subscriber shall be charged subscription fee in addition to NCF.

For every additional lot of 25 channels the NCF will be :
  -  If between 1-15 channels : NCF to be charged on per channel basis at ₹1/per month/channel
  -  If between 16 and 25 channels : NCF to be charged lump sum at ₹20/per month

One HD channel shall be treated equal to two SD channels for the purpose of calculating number of channels within the distribution network capacity subscribed.