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d2h presents seamless services

d2h presents seamless services for the viewers’ benefit

The surreal TV viewing experience of d2h has made it the fastest-growing direct to home brand in India. You would not face any issue with d2h as the set-top-box allows you to record your favorite shows and movies along with providing hassle-free services.
History of DTH in India

The direct-to-home service was launched back in 2003 in India, and since then, it has continually grown year by year. The demand has been ever-increasing which has led to more and more DTH brands rolling out.

Despite having lots of providers, there is leading DTH service provider that solves the problem and turns normal watching to a better and defined one with which assists in keeping the customers satisfied. 

Issues resolved within four hours

The extremely crucial factor is how quickly a problem reported by a customer is resolved. Here comes d2h in the limelight as they guarantee to resolve complaints, queries, and services within four hours of the issue reported. If d2h fails to do so, the customer will be refunded the daily burn rate of past twenty-four hours! * This has been launching for the first time in the Industry.

d2h is leading direct to home service and has continuously been levelling-up their seamless services and will lead customers’ hearts. 

*Please read the terms and conditions applied for the service