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Theatre comes home



This year has undoubtedly been one rollercoaster ride, experiencing a different world with lots of “new normal.” Some industries saw a significant rise, whereas some faced downfall. The entertainment industry was one of many, which experienced loss due to cinema halls being shut. This provided a substantial boost to on demand-video services and OTT platforms as production houses started releasing their movies on these platforms.

While it is still not safe to visit a cinema hall to watch your favorite movie, as you surely don’t want to risk your family’s and your well-being just for a mere couple of hours of entertainment, but should entertainment ever stop? No, life seems incomplete without movies. Despite being struck by a pandemic, movie fanatics manage to attend their favorite movie’s premiere. However, is that still worthwhile putting your life at risk? 

ZEEPLEX brings theatre at home exclusively for you. What if I told you that you could experience the magic of seamless entertainment like never before! ZEEPLEX is the platform where you can watch upcoming blockbusters on a pay-per-view basis! You can enjoy blockbusters at your home! All you need to do is search for the latest blockbuster available on ZEEPLEX and enjoy it with your entire family at home safely and according to your convenience. 

Now that’s something unique you must have heard of. What are you waiting for? Go, stream your favourite movies on ZEEPLEX now with you family and friends at your convenience.